The 12 Scents of Christmas

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Scent of Christmas

The phrase ‘smells like Christmas’ is something we use throughout the year. Whether it’s a cinnamon scented candle or a fresh scent of pine, here are some scents you’ll associate with Christmas and how to bring them into your home this festive period.

Mulled wine or punch in a glass and hot wine in a cooking pot with spices and fruits on a black textured background, top view. Christmas hot drink.

Mulled wine

Mulled wine on the stove is a classic Christmas scent. Warm red wine with a hint of spice is always a sure sign Christmas that is coming. Enjoy a mulled wine on a cosy evening in, and enjoy the festive aroma.

Fresh cinnamon sticks and powder


A key ingredient to many festive recipes, the smell of cinnamon takes over our homes, shops, food and drinks during the winter months. Cinnamon scented candles are very popular over Christmastime.

Christmas tree branches. Christmas concept, nature, winter. Background for postcards. Flat lay, top view.


Purchasing a real Christmas tree for your home is a great way to bring the natural smell indoors. It’s a wonderful scent to greet you in the morning.

decoration, winter, holidays and new year concept - close up of christmas fir branch with cinnamon and dried orange on wooden table


Oranges appear in many dried fruit decorations at Christmas most famously a Christingle. Dry your own oranges and use them to make garlands or Christmas decorations for your tree.

pile cloves on wood background


Cloves are also traditionally used in oranges in Christingles. They are pressed into the skin to form patterns, and their scent can take over our homes too.

Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on wooden table


Gingerbread makes its mark around the holidays. Freshly baked gingerbread or flavoured beverages seem to fill coffee shops or cafes. Bring the fragrance into your home by lighting a gingerbread scented candle, or by baking gingerbread men and decorating them as a festive snack.

Festive set of knife and fork with red satin bow with rosemary, dark stone slate background, top view, copyspace, horizontal image

Rosemary and Thyme

This smell definitely has a strong presence when Christmas dinner gets made. Pick your own rosemary and thyme from your herb garden, or you can even grow them on your windowsill.

Cracked roasted chestnuts, traditional autumn winter homemade snack, on small chestnut's frying pan, copy space

Roasted Chestnuts

This smell is more than likely to remind you of the Christmas Markets which are back this year! The feeling of warm roasted chestnuts and their cosy smell is sure to instil that Christmas feeling.

Christmas sweets and cookies. Top view table scene over a white wood background. Holiday baking concept.

Baked Goods

Baking at Christmas is part of many family traditions. The smell of cookies or cakes and desserts is a smell that can kick start your festive fancies.

christmas photo cognac glass in front of bokeh background.


Famously poured on top of the Christmas Pudding, the smell of Brandy is a sure trigger for Christmas party season.

Christmas living room

Bonfire/open fire

The smell of a bonfires makes you think that winter is here. The crackling of logs and the warmth makes you feel at home and the scent is definitely a festive smell we all love to come across.

Traditional Christmas spices - Star anise with cinnamon and cloves on dark rustic wooden background

Star Anise

This star shaped spice can be found in many festive beverages such as mulled wine and warm cider. Its mixture of flavours and its aroma gives off a very distinctive smell many would associate with Christmas.