Acland Street Community Outdoor Display 2021

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We are taking a look back at the amazing Christmas lighting displays that have been shared with us.

The first of which is Acland Street in Hull, which as you can see is an incredible lighting display from the community who live there.

This definitely puts us in the seasonal spirit and spreads a lot of cheer too.

With around 100,000 lights among the 9 houses that take part in this community display, this little street has a big impact. Between each house there are blue and white lights strung in between for a magical effect when you look up to the sky.

When walking through the street, there are several arches decorated with tinsel, and shining baubles that glisten with the light. Each house is decorated with statues, inflatables, and props to transform the street into a winter wonderland.

Some gardens are covered in fake snow for the white Christmas beauty. Throughout the gardens there are lollipops made from paper plates, light-up Santa and his reindeer, candy canes and a huge tinsel display that spells out ‘Ho Ho Ho’.

A snow machine adds something special to the display, making this little street seem like the North Pole.